As a pre-prohibition style,100-proof bourbon, Knob Creek has long prided itself on the painstaking process that goes into making full-flavored whiskey. But since nearly every small-batch bourbon brand out there touts quality and flavor, it was time for Knob Creek to let people actually experience the difference for themselves. So during the high time of summer grilling season, we launched The Knob Creek Smokehouse: a meticulously crafted tasting experience that paid tribute to what it actually takes to achieve full-flavor.

With custom-built smokers and our own team of renowned culinary and cocktail specialists, The Knob Creek Smokehouse gave people a one-of-a-kind sampling experience. By demonstrating the time and effort that goes into making every bottle of Knob Creek whiskey, we were able to prove to thousands of whiskey fans throughout the country that if you pay attention to detail, it just might pay you back.

We also used the experience to capture an on-the-fly social campaign.

Creatives: Matt Klugman

CDs: Sean Vij, Adrien Bindi