OOH / Digital

Fanta has long been the orange drink of choice for teens in the US.
Just ask any kid from my Jewish day school.
But with more and more cheap options in corner store coolers, we had to create a campaign that would break through the clutter on shelves, and celebrate the many different vibes of our diverse fanbase. So to borrow a phrase from our fans, we made Fanta a Thing.

By creating Snapchat scannable OOH placements, we created content for those in the know - and those who are willing to go a little further - transforming everyday ads into interactive discoverable moments.


Creatives: Matt Klugman, Cory McCollum, Riley Shine, J.J. Kraft, Kelly Cabaniss, Nate James, Jenna Krakenberger, Michael Nielsen, Candice Balbuena, Tamara Stoddard
CD: Marcus Brown