How do we get Gen Z into hockey?

We craft a campaign all around THE EXCESS of hockey.

Hockey is loud.
Hockey is intense.
Hockey can get reaaaalllll spicy.
Hockey is real.
Hockey is bold.
Hockey can be just TOO much.

We created a campaign that showed new and old hockey fans all over the country, that if you have these big emotions in your life, you might just be a fan of hockey.

You just don’t know it yet.

There’s Some Hockey In You.

After the release of our spot, we covered Boston, Chicago, Denver and NYC with our OOH. These vague messages would prompt viewers with a question. ARE YOU TOO ______? If so, text this number. 

After texting the number, viewers would realize that they might have some hockey in them. They would then get a chance to enter a competition in order to win tickets, merch and swag. 

To prove how hot hockey is, we created a Hot Sauce called HOT AS PUCK

We gave it out to fans and influencers and had them try the Hot As Puck Challenge. Taste the hot sauce and dont touch food or water for 2 minutes (the length of time in the penalty box).

Can you handle the heat?

Creatives: Brian Marcolini, Caitlin Harsh, Colby Spear, Chris Rowson, Chandni Poddar
Leadership: Mo Said, Jono Paul
Strategy: Nitin Dua, Rachelle Avila
Account: Caroline Main, Steph Kim
Director: David Wilson
Production: Riff Raff